6" Deep Wind Driven Rain Louver

is a wind driven rain 6" deep louver with a drainable chevron blade feature to channel water away from the blades, even in extreme weather conditions. This feature allows very high air intake velocities before entraining water. If your application is air intake or your building location is in an extreme weather location, this model is the right choice.

The Wind Driven Rain series will handle extreme air velocities without entraining water. The same product will also handle high wind/rain conditions.


  • Made to order in sizes 12" wide x 12" high up to unlimited size
  • Made from heavy gauge 0.081" thickness aluminum extrusion
  • 6" frame depth, channel frame
  • 4.25" blade spacing
  • Architectural blades horizontal, vertical wind driven rain blades concealed
  • Internal Screen (Bird Screen)


  • 51.2% free area for a 48" wide x 48" high louver
  • 99% effectiveness against wind driven rain ends at 1286 fpm free area velocity (tested to 50 mph wind combined with 8 inch rainfall rates)
  • 30 psf wind load rating
  • Wind Driven Rain performance tested to 50 mph wind at 8" rainfall rates


  • A variety of metal finishes including paint and anodizing
  • Insect Screen (replaces bird screen)
  • Mounting: flange frame, glazing channel frame, "J" channel frame
  • Special shapes for architectural appeal
  • Higher wind load ratings
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