Frequently Asked Questions

    • Call or email us with your requirements and we will provide a rapid response.

    • Everything you've got! It is best to provide the applicable drawings and product specifications. This will ensure we cover all the project requriements in the quote. If you don't have this information, provide the model selection, quantities, sizes, options, and project location.

    • All of our quotes include the product cost and freight (within the Continental United States). Sales tax and product installation are excluded.
    • Drafting and Engineering are also included on a project basis, as required. You will not be charged additional costs unless these requirements were unclear, or were noted as additional cost in the bottom notes of your quotation.
    • Please review the line item notes and the bottom notes of each quote for additional information.

    • Smaller orders are typically 2-5 weeks, depending on the finishes required. Larger orders typically take 6-8 weeks. These lead times can vary depending on the time of year and the workload in the factory. A more accurate lead time is provided at the time of quote or order placement.

    • We offer expedited production lead times. An additional fee may apply. However, we will try to accommodate all requests at the time of order release. Communicate with one of our staff to determine what can be accomplished and if any charges will be assessed.

    • Payment options are:

      1. Open credit line with Net 30 day terms - please fill out ourcredit application form and return it to us for processing (3-4 days typical).

      2. Credit card - please fill out our credit card authorization form and return it to us. The card will be billed at the time of shipment.

      3. 1/2 down with order release and 1/2 payment at the time of shipment. Please call us to arrange payments

    • Any of our products can have one of several high quality architectual finishes applied. We offer baked enamel paint, flouropolymer PVDF coatings (kynar or hylar), clear anodized, or color anodized finishes. More information can be viewed at: Available Finishes

    • We are a direct-selling manufacturer and do not provide product installation. Nor do we have recommended installers.
    • However, all of our products come with very detailed installation instructions and are designed with many features to allow for easy installation.
    • General field labor can perform the installation of our products, so many of the various construction trades can be utilized.

    • Since we do not provide installation, estimates are based on feedback from our customers and should not be used exclusively as the basis for installation cost. Below are estimates of the total man hours required for each of our product offerings:
    • Wall Louvers: 10-12 minutes per square foot of face area.
    • Standard Equipment Screens (mount to framing by others): 8-10 minutes per square foot of face area.
    • Direct Mount Equipment Screens (mount to equipment): 13-15 minutes per square foot of louver face area.
    • Sunshades: 12-15 minutes per square foot of face area.
    • The total square footage of the project can typically be found in the summary area of our quotes. The calculation of installation cost can be derived by multiplying the total man hours by the prevailing hourly labor rates for the project.

    • Brick Vents are the only product with standard sizes. All other products are "made to order". We have very flexible manufacturing capabilties and will size our products to meet your requirements.

    • Since we make all of our products to order, we have a very limited inventory of model E2JS wall louvers in stock (call for details). All other products will be manufactured to suit your needs.

    • If the louver quantity and sizes permit, we will provide the product in boxes. Otherwise, the products are stacked on pallets and skeleton-crated for protection.
    • If you have any specific packaging requirements, please communicate them at the time of quotation so any additional costs may be included.

    • All of our products will ship via Package Freight or Semi Truck (LTL or full truckload). In no case will we ship our products on a Flatbed truck. Since we do not have our own trucks, common carriers will be utilized.

    • We include standard ground freight in all quotations. If you wish to use expedited freight services on an order, please call or email your request and we will provide the additional cost.

    • All of our product evaluations and testing have been performed using the ASD (Allowable Stress Design) method. So the wind loads listed in our literature are "Service Loads", not "Ultimate Loads".

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