Louver Equipment Screens - A Complete Guide

Louvered Equipment screens are most typically used to block the view of unsightly mechanical equipment on roofs and on grade. While some will argue that any inexpensive material can be used for the same purpose, there are distinct advantages to using our louvers instead.

Advantages to Using Louvers

First, louvers have blades that allow airflow between them. Because mechanical equipment has air intake and exhaust requirements, a louvered barrier can be installed much closer to any mechanical equipment than a solid surface (such as corrugated metal panels). This saves cost by reducing the footprint of equipment screen required.

In addition to the reduced footprint, louvers can also reduce the loads imposed on support framing and to your building when compared to a solid surface. The louver blades allow wind to pass between them, thereby reducing the wind pressure. Louver blade angles and blade spacing are the biggest factors in the degree of load reduction. See our document Wind Load Characteristics for a more information.


Why Choose Us?

One benefit to using Architectural Louvers for your equipment screen is our variety of options. We have numerous blade profiles, blade spacings, blade angles – all to designed to accentuate your building façade. Choose from tube, slatted, or sight proof blades and an infinite array of color choices.

For screens mounted at ground level, slatted louver blades typically are pointed downwards to provide the most sight blocking. Or sight proof chevron blades can be utilized. On a roof, the blades typically point upwards, which blocks the view through slatted blade when viewing from below.


Several other options provide for a seamless finished appearance. We offer mitered blade corners, hinged doors, and hidden mullion joints. These options are incorporated into the louvered panels, which come in manageable sizes that are bolted together to make the overall equipment screen layout.

Finally, as the industry leader, Architectural Louvers has the widest variety of mounting options for your project. We can provide our Sturdistruct framing system, which attaches to any flat roof. Or another option is our direct mount framing system, which allows attachment directly to your mechanical equipment. Or we can provide just the louver panels that attach to a framing system by others.

Utilize our extensive expertise by giving us a call. Or send us an email with your requirements. A live person will promptly respond to your request.


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