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We are an aluminum fixed louver manufacturer specializing in custom shape wall louvers, hurricane louvers, louvered sunshades, exterior sun control devices, roof equipment screens, and brick vents for the architectural construction market.

As our name states, we do one thing and do it right - Architectural Louvers. More info about us .

This website gives you access to the most complete information available in selecting and specifying architectural louver products. You can access many important tools from our catalog pages:
Wall Louvers
Louver Sunshades
Louver Equipment Screens
You can also view photos and get design assistance from our Design Help section. Or you can just Contact Us and get immediate design, selection and pricing assistance.

Wall Louvers - Types and Depths

2 storm blade louver4 storm blade louver4 drainable blade louver6 drainable blade louverwind driven rain louvers

Wall Louvers

Louvers for wall installation. In selecting wall louvers and vents, consideration for your application is critical to your project success. Louvers are designed to allow air into the building while keeping out unwanted elements.

Equipment Screen Models - Standard Mount to Structural Framing

Louvered Equipment Screen V2KSLouvered Equipment Screen V4JSLouvered Equipment Screen V4YHLouvered Equipment Screen V4YVLouvered Equipment Screen V6JN

Roof Equipment Screens

Equipment screens are vision barriers mounted on building rooftops (and elsewhere) to hide mechanical equipment and other unsightly items. Louvered equipment screens also reduce wind loading on structural framing (compared to solid panels) and add an architectural element to your building.

Equipment Screen Models - Direct Mount to Air Handlers

Direct Mount Louvered Equipment Screen V4JSD

Equipment Screens may also be designed for direct attachment to air handlers . These roof screen models include heavy duty structural framing, attachment hardware, and louvered door panels (hinged for access).

Louvered Sunshade Models


Louvered Sunshades

Sunshades are an attractive means to obstruct undesired sun and heat gain while allowing natural light into your building. H6A (Airfoil Blade Sunshade), H6T (Tube Blade Sunshade), H6JN (Narrow Blade Sunshade), H6JP (Std Blade Sunshade) are fairly universal in their applications.

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